Would you like to boost your child's math or reading skills?

We will teach your child how to read or advance their education by an entire grade.

Phone Consultants

If you have questions concerning your little one such as:

 - What YouTube videos promote reading?

- Potty Training tricks, etc.

You can call our specialist and get advice that will set your child up for success and put your mind at ease.

Home Visits

Do you have a personal goal for your home such as :

- Establishing nap time

- How to get chores done with children in the home...

We will come by and help you establish a plan that invites both peace and productivity into your day.


Expecting Parents Package

Would you like someone by your side as you bring your little one home for the first time?

We offer:

one week or two week home assistance to new parents


We offer books and pamphlets from experienced parents and psychologists as a tangible guide through the journey of parenting & guardianship.

Contact Us

If you are interested in our services, contact us!

Send an email about yourself and your family's needs.

We look forward to chatting with you.

All messages will be sent a reply within 48 hours.

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